Scalp Psoriasis (Severe) Pack

Scalp Psoriasis (Severe) Pack
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Nail Infection

The detachment of the nail plate from its bed, is often associated with psoriasis, fungal infections, lichen planus, trauma, chemical exposure and other systemic disorders.

As the nail plate lifts, the space between the plate and the bed collects dirt and keratinous debris. The colour of the affected nails may vary from greyish-white, yellow, brown, greenish or even black.

This condition is an inflammation of the nail fold, resulting in redness, swelling and throbbing pain. In severe cases pus will drain from the area surrounding the nail.

A chronic, progressive infection of the nail, that is caused by dermatophytes, candida and some moulds. It is often the result of a secondary or “spread” colonization.

Approximately 80% of onychomycosis occurs in the nails of the feet, especially in the big and little toe nails.