Scalp Psoriasis (Severe) Pack

Scalp Psoriasis (Severe) Pack
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Human Pappiloma Virus (Warts)

These are benign growths on the skin.

VERRUCA VULGARIS – Common warts account for 70% of all cutaneous warts. Approximately 20% of all school-aged children will present with an infection of warts.
They usually occur of the hands, fingers and knees. They can be as small as 1mm and up to 10mm, but rarely larger.

VERRUCA PLANTARIS (Plantar/Palmar Warts)
Affecting normally the soles but can also appear on the palms, this form is more common in older children and adults.

In the early stages a wart presents as a small, shiny, clearly defined papule. It progresses to a thickened surface studded with brownish black spots. Tenderness can be experienced. When on the feet, warts can be extremely painful when walking.

The warts can be solitary or in “groups”, often forming a mosaic like pattern.

Sharply defined flat papules that are pinkish or light brown in colour. They can occur on the face, beard area, shins and back of the hands.

Butchers, meat packers and fish handlers seem to be exposed to a virulent strain that presents in large to very large “cauliflower” clusters on their hands.

These can occur on any part of the body, in singular or cluster patterns. They start as a small papule and become progressively elongated.