Cleansing Gel 200ml

Cleansing Gel 200ml
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From the Greek root “Ichthy” for fish. We know that the family of “Ichthyoses” are a group of genetic skin diseases that are characterized by dry, thickened and “scaling” skin.

In an Ichthyosis sufferer, the normal shedding process is inhibited or “slowed down” and in extreme cases the production of the skin cells can also be at a more rapid rate than normal. In some cases the condition is very mild to mild. However, at its worst it can be an extremely cosmetically disfiguring condition. Sufferers in this category also have to cope with many systemic infections due to the constant splitting of the skin and fissures that are often difficult to heal. The sufferer's immune system is impaired and they find it hard to fight off infections.

There are several different varieties of Ichthyosis. One of the most common forms is “Lamellar” Ichthyosis, which is believed to occur in ≤1:300,000 births. Lamellar Ichthyosis usually is noticeable at birth due to the fact that the baby is encased in a "collodion – like" membrane. This membrane initially heals and may appear normal for a period of time.

Slowly as the child grows parchment like scales develop over the entire body. As the skin condition progresses, the scales become very thick and darken to black/brown in colour. Hands and feet (palmar/plantar) are also affected with deep creasing evident coupled with painful skin fissures. Hair growth is impaired due to the large crusted scales covering the head and scaring often leads to alopecia.

Ectropion (droopy eyelids) is another symptom of Lamellar ichthyosis.

In other forms of Ichthyosis e.g. X-linked, skin abnormalities are not apparent at birth. Onset of the symptoms may be delayed to between 2-6 weeks of age. The scales are finer with an erythema (reddened) background. Hand and feet also show the same deep creasing and skin fissures as seen in people who have Lamellar ichthyosis.

It is believed that around one million people in America alone, are afflicted with some form of Ichthyosis.

Ichthyosis cannot be cured and at best treatments are currently aimed at managing or controlling the condition.

It is not an easy condition to treat and much of the treatment is based on trialling various strengths of ointments in order to find the one that the patient best responds to. The ointment mix would also change from time to time, depending on the response and the health of the patient.

Over the years, Dr Tirant has treated a number of Ichthyosis patients, who have responded with considerable improvements. His interest in this condition has grown considerably since visiting Hungary in 2002, where Dr Tirant became, involved in the treatment two children who have Icthyosis. Andras has had 2, intensive, 8 week treatments in Australia and Kristina who has had 1, intensive, 8 week treatment program in Australia.

Both have shown significant and marked improvement and are receiving ongoing treatment from Dr Tirant.

Dr Tirant provides his Treatment Protocols to overseas Ichthyosis patients in conjunction with their dermatologist. Both Andras and Kristina are under dermatologist care back in Hungary and each year, when Dr. Tirant is in Hungary, Dr Tirant has a review with the children and their dermatologists. Patient's own dermatologists are able to provide observation of the skin condition, patient's health and the progress of treatment back to Dr Tirant in Australia via email etc..

For overseas patients, an Online Consultation, supported by a dermatologist's referral with a thorough & detailed medical history, supported by photographic jpegs would be the minimum basis required to establish a treatment regime. Photographs should be of general and close up shots of body areas focusing on hands (palms and back of) feet (soles and uppers) knees, elbows, armpits, neck, scalp, chest and back.

In severe cases, as with both Andras and Kristina, it may be advisable for some cases, in order to achieve the best results, that an intensive eight (8) week program is at some stage undertaken in Australia. This is where the fine tuning of the medications (both oral and topical) can take place on a weekly basis with results being observed and recorded first hand by Dr Tirant.

Dr. Tirant has spent the last 20 years researching the effects of and benefits of natural essential oils and herb extracts on the healing of and the improving of the skin. He has also experimented on various combinations of herb extracts, vitamins and minerals that are taken orally and how they interplay with and support his treatment protocols.

Unlike over the counter products and other prescribed products, Dr Tirant has the advantage of being able to tailor both his ointments, gels, skin conditioner & orals , as well as if required, to supplement these with additional herbal tonics especially formulated for the patient.